What Does Your Company Do?

Top Dog Cleanup will essentially do what you don't want to do or don't have time to do.  We will clean up and remove the dog waste from your yard.

Why Should I Have My Yard Cleaned?

There are numerous reasons.  Dog waste will not get tracked into your house and cars.  Your yard will be more presentable to your neighbors and guests.  Accumulated dog waste attracts flies and other insects.  Keeping your yard clean will help protect your family and pets from potential disease.

Dog waste can also contaminate ground water. 

What Can I Expect From Your Service?

We will visit your yard or commercial property on previously scheduled days.

Our service includes scooping, bagging, and removing the waste from your

property.  We don't leave the waste behind for you to deal with!

What Do You Do With The Waste?

We take the waste with us so you don't have to worry about it!

What About Disease?

We always spray our tools and our boots with a veterinary grade disinfectant between each cleaning.  Disinfecting our tools and boots kill all known bacteria and viruses, including Parvovirus, Kennel Cough, and Distemper.


We will never use any chemicals in your yard.

Are There Any Contracts Involved?

No contracts!

We can start and stop service at any time with just a phone call. 

No contract is required and there is no minimum service period.

Cancel anytime!

How Will I Know You Have Serviced My Yard?

After we have serviced your yard, we will leave a note on your door with

the date and time visited.

How Do I Pay?

Weekly customers will be invoiced at the end of every month.  Payment must be received by the 15th of the next month to continue service.  There will be a late fee of $10 applied for all late payments, and service may be discontinued until payment arrangements have been made.


*Payment for all one time cleanups must be pre-paid or rendered at the time of service.


We accept checks, money orders, cash, and credit cards.

Credit card payments are accepted through PayPal via the "payments" link at the top of the page.

*All returned checks will be assessed with a $20 charge.

Do I have To Be Home For You to Service My Yard?

You do not have to be present for us to work.  We do ask that you leave your gate unlocked so we have access to your yard on your scheduled service day.  We will not climb or jump over fences or obstructions to service your yard.  You may also provide us with a key or combination.

What If We Forget You are Coming?

If you forget we are coming, the gate is locked when we arrive, or your dog prevents us from doing our job, you will be charged your regular service fee for that day.

Can You Work With Our Dog in the Yard?

We love dogs as much as you do, but there are times when certain dogs have prevented us from doing our job.  If you know your dog is not good with strangers, we would appreciate that you restrain your dog while we are servicing your yard.

Do You Work In All Weather?

Yes we do, so you don't have to!

However, there are some exceptions.  As long as the rain is not too heavy and there is no lightning in the area, we will be working. If rain or storms prohibit us from working on your scheduled day, we will return as soon as we can.

If there is enough snow on the ground to prevent us from locating your dog's waste, we will postpone that day's service until the next possible day.

If we are unable to clean your yard on your normally scheduled day due to snow, you will be billed 50% on your invoice for the missed cleaning.

We will cleanup the snow covered accumulation that was missed, once the snow melts, during our next scheduled visit.


*We will continue to work with snow on the ground to keep up with the accumulation.  Your dog still goes even when it snows!

Do You Work On Holidays?

We do not work on the following days:


New Year's Day            Labor Day   

Easter Sunday            Thanksgiving Day

Memorial Day              Christmas Eve

Independence Day        Christmas Day

What Does Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Mean?

We strive to do our best to please you at all times.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our work, we will either come back to reclean your yard or credit your account.  No questions asked.  We take pride in our work and we stake our reputation on outstanding service and excellent customer service.


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